Adhesive Application Solutions for Packaging Industry

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Packaging industry becomes one of the industries that will need adhesives in its production processes. Parts of packages should be glued and attached during the production process and adhesives are needed. Thus, the industry needs good adhesive application solutions that can improve the production rate and boost its efficiency and effectiveness. It is no longer effective to always use the manual processes, and Robatech can provide necessary solutions for the industries. There are many kinds of adhesive application solutions for different types of packaging materials.

Flexibility in Choosing the Adhesive Application Solutions

Robatech becomes great manufacturer that can provide various products for adhesive applications. The manufacturer is fully aware that each industry will have different needs and requirement regarding the solutions and technologies that should be used in the industry. It can depend on the types of packaging materials, condition of the industry and its space, and other aspects. In this case, Robatech has many choices of products and technologies to cover the demands of different industries. Then, the products mostly bring modular concepts. This gives flexible access in choosing the products, parts, and later it will also be useful once it is time to install and use the products.

Various Choices of Adhesive Application Solutions

Each industry can choose many kinds of products for the solutions of adhesive applications. Even, industries are able to pick the parts for adhesive applications, such as the nozzles, heated hoses, melters, and even application heads. There are different categories of products depending on types of adhesives, starting from the cold glue, hot melt adhesive and other types of adhesives. Then, there are silicone release liners. Even, it is possible to find solution for the application of tear strips that are currently popular in the packaging industries. Many retails and customers choose to have tear strips because these are easier to use and customers can open the package without damaging it.